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Public relations for law firms – advantages and types

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016

Public relations for law firms – advantages and types

It is argued whether law firms need the services of public relations (PR) agencies or not. However, in the modern days, many types of companies decide to use these services of such companies, and there is no reason for the law
firms not to do so. It seems that public relations for law firms is a branch of business which is on the rise, and it is definitely necessary for the law firms so that they present themselves in the best possible light to their potential clients, whether they are individuals or companies. Also, the media coverage of certain cases can have a severe impact on the outcome of the case, as well as the client’s and the law firm’s tumblr_static_ayy9np56ky88sc84o0co4w400reputation.

Hiring a public relations company for your law firm has many advantages. First, it serves to portray your law firm publicly in the most positive light, which establishes you and your associates as experts and creates a positive public image. Second, you can get noticed much easier, which makes your law firm more competitive in the market. Then, your professional credibility is increased and your company is presented as the main leader in the field it covers. You have probably notices that some lawyers and law firms are more represented in the media than the others, and that they are presented in a very positive light. It is all a result of publicists and public relations companies.

There are several types of public relations services you can use as an owner of a law firm: preemptive PR, proactive PR and reactive PR.

1. Preemptive PR – the task of the preemptive PR is to prevent a crisis in the media during a case. There can be a lot of negative publicity, which can be extremely harmful for the reputation of your client, and this is the case when 78530752you need to use the services of preemptive PR. Situations like this often happen when a law firm takes the case where there is a negative impact on a large group of people, such as defending a company owner who is responsible for a job loss of a large group of people. Cases like this are likely to get large media coverage, and you need to hire a PR agency to create a preemptive PR plan in order to prevent the disaster.

2. Proactive PR – proactive PR is quite different from the previous type of PR services, and it serves to attract the media to cover the case you are leading. This tactics is used when you lead a case where you need to generate the public support for your client, so that the other party agrees to get engaged in settlement talks.

3. Reactive PR – this type of PR services is used in order to respond to attacks or accusations. This is usually the most urgent case for hiring a PR agency, and it is often required when the other party implements a proactive strategy towards your client, accusing them and generating public support for themselves.

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